Poplar Bay Road Update

Time to take note of the great work on the Poplar Bay Road.  

After the lifting of load limits on roads on June 1, work began in earnest to augment the road with gravel and chips, dust suppressant and grading.  

Here are a few interesting stats – since June 1, on the main Poplar Road from pavement to the green gate at the southern tip of the road, 99 truckloads or 2100 tons of material were applied to road and then dust suppressant was applied with grading.  SERA alone applied 26,500 litres of calcium chloride south of the South Poplar turn off!  

Thanks goes to the road committee led by Ken Bracken who worked diligently to plan the work, get the contractors lined up and the work done.  Any comments from you to the committee can be sent to our contact page on the web site.