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SERA Annual General Meeting Update

AGM August 2022 Update

SERA held its AGM virtually on Aug. 10. We thank our community for attending and having a very thoughtful conversation. If you missed it, please get in touch with your road president for a recap.

Your representatives are:
  • President, Chair and Director: Rico Bertschinger – Gold Point Road Association
  • Vice Chair: Eric Jensen – Welcome Channel Road Corporation
  • Treasurer: Allan Thordarson – 1133406 Ontario Inc.
  • Secretary and Director: Bruce McConnell – Northern Peninsula Road Association
  • Director: Rick Dobel – 1133406 Ontario Inc.
  • Director: Peter Murdock – Northern Peninsula Road Association
  • Director: Harry Salmajaavi – Northern Peninsula Road Association
  • Director: Salem Woodrow – Welcome Channel Road Corporation

Urgent notification to all permanent and seasonal residents – Lake of the Woods

The attached presentation was released by the Lake of the Woods Control Board on May 9, 2022. It is an excellent and in-depth discussion of the current and projected water levels in the Lake of the Woods basins. Significant detail was presented with representatives from the United States present. The first and last few pages summarise the key points, everything in between are detailed illustrations, charts and tables of the past and current situations.


Key points are simply this:

  1. Moderately high snowpack by end March
  2. April: record precipitation, delayed thaw
  3. Rain + rapid snowmelt + frozen ground
  4. Record flows for early May in many areas
  5. Timing is poor – wettest weeks of year normally in May-June
  6. Weeks of high water ahead, rain dependent
  7. 2014 or higher levels in most areas possible

Permanent and seasonal residents are encouraged to review their shorelines to avoid or minimise potential damage.

South End Road Association

Washagamis Bay First Nation elects new Chief and council

SERA community members,

On August 16, the Washagamis Bay First Nation held elections in which a new Chief and Council was decided. We have sent our congratulations to Chief Vernon Copenace and his council.

The SERA board is in communication with the new Chief and Council and looks forward to restarting negotiations to achieve resolution on the current road access situation. We will provide updates as appropriate.

As we progress through our relationship building with the new Chief and Council, it is important that we all remain aligned on our desired outcome. We are optimistic that Chief Copenance and the Washagamis Bay community will be amenable to returning access to everyone, but we are aware it will take time and patience. In turn, we ask for your continued patience.

As we approach our member AGMs, we are sure you will have questions about our negotiations strategy and ongoing actions leading up to this new Chief and Council. Please contact your road president if you have questions or concerns.

The SERA board has updated its website. We encourage you to subscribe to the mailing list to receive additional information. You can subscribe on the website or let us know and we’ll add you to the mailing list.

South End Road Association

SERA Website Improvements

Our New Website Overview

The South End Road Association (SERA) is pleased to inform you, our subscribers, of important improvements to our website.

Click here to see the improvements, including better presentation of the various articles we have added, archives of previous announcements and media stories, updated by-laws and an acknowledgement of our co-location with the Washagamis Bay First Nation and Treaty 3 bands.

Use this site as a reference point for material related to our local relationships, current affairs, and the road access situation we currently are in. There is a new page called “Our Perspectives” where we provide a history of the construction of the Poplar Bay Road, the road that opened up the economic opportunities for the Washagamis Bay First Nation.

SERA hopes that you enjoy the updates and please contact us if you have any questions.


Ontario Government health order – section 2 cross border travel

The Ontario Government health order issued by the Premier of Ontario is attached for your review. Please beware of the new conditions, specifically section 2 Cross Border Travel.

Click here to read the full health order PDF

Section 2 Information:

Certain travel into Ontario from Manitoba and Quebec prohibited

2. No person shall travel into Ontario from Manitoba or Quebec unless,

  1. the person’s principal residence is in Ontario;
  2. the person is moving to Ontario in order to make their principal residence in Ontario;
  3. the person is travelling through Ontario without unnecessary stops to reach their
    principal residence in another jurisdiction;
  4. the person is travelling into or through Ontario by means of an international or
    interprovincial bus, train, ferry, or flight;
  5. the person is travelling to perform work in Ontario;
  6. the person is transporting goods into or through Ontario as part of the operation of a
    business that involves the transportation of goods;
  7. the person’s health makes it necessary to travel into Ontario to obtain health care or
    social services;
  8. the person is travelling in a vehicle that is transporting or that will transport a person
    in Ontario to or from a hospital or health care facility in Manitoba or Quebec;
  9. the person is being transported from a hospital or health care facility in Manitoba or
    Quebec, whether by ambulance or by any other means;
  10. the person is, (i) in the care of a children’s aid society in Ontario pursuant to a court order or a written agreement, (ii) in the care of a person subject to the supervision of a children’s aid society in Ontario pursuant to a court order or a written agreement, or (iii) at least 16 years old and no more than 21 years old and receiving care, services or support pursuant to an agreement with a children’s aid society in Ontario;
  11. the person must enter Ontario to exercise custody or access rights contained in an
  12. the person must enter Ontario to comply with an order contained in a decision or
    judgment of a court or tribunal, or as otherwise required by law;
  13. the person is travelling into Ontario for the purpose of exercising an Aboriginal or
    treaty right as recognized and affirmed by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982;
  14. the person is travelling into Ontario to respond to a critical incident, including travel
    for the purpose of, (i) preventing injury or illness to persons, (ii) preventing damage to property, or (iii) performing a necessa1y action to respond to the critical incident; or
  15. the travel is necessary for a humanitarian or compassionate reason, such as, (i) providing care or services to a person who requires them due to their state of health, (ii) attending on a person who is dying, or (iii) attending a funeral.
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