About Us

SERA was formed to represent the interests of property owners through discussions with Obashkaandagaang First Nation who owns the lease to the road granted to it by the Federal Government and the leased land holders represented by the Washagamis Bay Cottagers Association or WBCA.

The purpose of SERA is to repair, maintain and upgrade the main Poplar Bay roadway, which starts where the pavement to the McKenzie Portage Road ends, goes through the Obashkaandagaang First Nation community to the Lily Pad/Poplar Bay junction then follows the main Poplar Bay Road down to, but not past, the commencement of (gates of) Northern Peninsula and Welcome Channel Road Corporation and the commencement of (gate of) Gold Pointe Road Association and 1133406 Ontario Inc., and not past the entrance to any future side roads connecting to the main road.

SERA partners with Obashkaandagaang First Nation and WBCA to undertake the required capital improvements and maintenance of the main Popular Bay Road. It is important to note that all roads beyond the gate fronting the main Poplar Bay Road is responsibility of that local road association and not SERA, WBCA, or Obashkaandagaang First Nation.

The following good souls have graciously donated their time and efforts for SERA:

  • President, Chair and Director: Rico Bertschinger – Gold Point Road Association
  • Vice Chair: Eric Jensen – Welcome Channel Road Corporation
  • Treasurer: Allan Thordarson – 1133406 Ontario Inc.
  • Secretary and Director: Bruce McConnell – Northern Peninsula Road Association
  • Director: Rick Dobel – 1133406 Ontario Inc.
  • Director: Peter Murdock – Northern Peninsula Road Association
  • Director: Harry Salmajaavi – Northern Peninsula Road Association
  • Director: Salem Woodrow – Welcome Channel Road Corporation

Other road association members may be part of committees from time to time.

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