Building a positive relationship with our WBFN neighbours

South End Road Association

In the previous two summers, SERA families were unable to access their homes and cottages by land. To try to remedy this situation, we contacted WBFN to discuss a new road agreement that not only opens up road access, but respects the WBFN community, prioritizes its people’s safety, and contributes to its community in a meaningful way.


Our goal is to cultivate a long-term agreement that provides stability for everyone. To do this, we’ve proposed forming a committee with WBFN band and SERA board members to meet on a regular basis to discuss conditions, issues and opportunities, including:

  • A collaborative road-maintenance plan.
  • Mutually agreed upon traffic-calming measures to ensure the WBFN’s safety and security.
  • A 10-year plan to develop and build a new access road that bypasses the WBFN town.
  • A plan developed with WBFN to address community housing and infrastructure needs.
  • An exploratory group to examine fire-protection options.
  • Potential WBFN education opportunities, including scholarships and internships.
  • Participation in WBFN’s cultural institutions and events to share its traditional knowledge.


SERA’s focus of achieving a new road agreement is based on these fundamental principles:

  • Respect for Washagamis Bay First Nation, including the land and the people.
  • Open and honest communication between the stakeholders of the road and the rights holders.

Download the PDF to learn more.

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