Urgent notification to all permanent and seasonal residents – Lake of the Woods

The attached presentation was released by the Lake of the Woods Control Board on May 9, 2022. It is an excellent and in-depth discussion of the current and projected water levels in the Lake of the Woods basins. Significant detail was presented with representatives from the United States present. The first and last few pages summarise the key points, everything in between are detailed illustrations, charts and tables of the past and current situations.


Key points are simply this:

  1. Moderately high snowpack by end March
  2. April: record precipitation, delayed thaw
  3. Rain + rapid snowmelt + frozen ground
  4. Record flows for early May in many areas
  5. Timing is poor – wettest weeks of year normally in May-June
  6. Weeks of high water ahead, rain dependent
  7. 2014 or higher levels in most areas possible

Permanent and seasonal residents are encouraged to review their shorelines to avoid or minimise potential damage.

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