COVID-19 UPDATE: Washagamis Bay First Nations

Covid-19 Update

To all SERA members,

Washagamis Bay First Nations Covid-19 UPDATE – April 11, 2020

Under direction of Chief Marilyn Sinclair and Council please be advised.

Effective Saturday April 11, 2020 and until further notice The Washagamis Bay First Nation is enforcing an overnight curfew at the checkpoint for road traffic between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.

  • All cottager pass requests received to date have been completed.
  • All requested passes are completed and there will be no one time guest passes until further notice.
  • Emergency vehicles will be allowed. The checkpoint is staffed 24/7. If an emergency vehicle needs access, then the barrier will be moved by the checkpoint staff.

Thank you for respecting the health and safety of all neighbours, and Kenora during this “stay at home order” across Canada. Failure to comply with regulations set out by Ontario Provincial Health or Health Canada will be handled by the Treaty Three Police.

If you have any questions regarding automobile passes contact: Mr. Andy Graham at

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