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We are now into March, so cottage season is rapidly coming to the Lake of the Woods area.  One of the SERA board members was down at his cottage yesterday and was surprised at the amount of snowfall. Look at the pictures taken Thursday February 28th at a cottage on the Manitou Road.  The snowfall averaged 24 inches or 52.5 centimeters!  The snow on the roof of their cottage and garage was a similar depth.  What was interesting was how compact the snow was – it is heavy and deep!  Consider getting down there or asking somebody to drop by your lot and measure the depth of the snow and inspect your roofs…    If you go down, be prepared to shovel a lot to get to your lot!

Generally, there has been heavy snowfalls in the area and the water/ice levels are high for this time of year.  There was an article in the Lake of the Woods Area News magazine suggesting that water levels are anticipated to be high this summer.

The attached pictures include a partially shoveled roof that highlights the depth of snow found on a gently sloping roof, the accumulation on a shrink wrapped boat, profiles of show on a garage roof and a stalled show blower in action.  

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