SERA Update

We hope all SERA members had a wonderful summer and fall season, SERA thought it important to provide some updated information on issues that are important to all SERA members.

  1. July 31 SERA Highlight Update: There have been changes to the Washagamis Bay Band Obashkandagaang First Nation with a new chief and council. We have not received any further information relating to our collective legal and operational responsibilities. Again, as soon as we receive any meaningful information, we’ll post on the website when it happens.
  2. Highway 17 4 Lane Highway Improvement Update: Visit Highway 17 Four-Laning for a notice for the public to comment on the first section to be built, and an opportunity to sign up for further updates.
  3. Snow Clearing: We have secured Dave Havil for snow clearing. He’ll commence plowing once three inches of snow appear.  If you want to hire Dave to undertake individual road maintenance over the winter, call your local road association to get in touch with him.
  4. Break and Enter: Please be aware that a break and enter occurred on one of the member roads. The OPP have been involved in this case. Stay vigilant by keeping your gates locked and be aware of unusual activity. Report anything unusual to your road executive and possibly the OPP.


Thank you!

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