2017 Road Work Update

In April, SERA and WBCA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) whereby each party agrees to share maintenance and capital upgrade costs equally on the main road, defined as the end of the pavement to the south loop of South Poplar Rd.

In addition, both parties agreed to work together to budget and plan roadwork each year by means of collaboration between road management committees from each association. SERA’s representatives are Ian (Skip) Hendry and Peter Murdock.

This year each association will contribute $20,000 to capital projects over and above expenditures for ongoing maintenance, which is comprised of grading, snow removal, shoulder weed whacking, culvert steaming and dust suppressant.

The $40,000 capital plan this year includes $10,000 in new chips through the reserve community and improvements to drainage in three problem road areas:

  1. Opposite First House Southbound Past Lily Pad Junction: Extensive ditching, removal of clay on roadbed, addition of gravel to raise height of road, finish with chips and clean out culvert outflow area.
  2. South Of Wellness Centre Junction: Extensive ditching, narrow the road on the east side where it has been pushed out over the culvert, and addition of gravel to raise height of road.
  3. North Of Sinclair House: Extensive ditching on east side, and clean out culvert intake area.

After receiving quotes, we awarded the excavation and ditching contract to BT&T construction (Dwayne Sigfusson), a resident of Northern Peninsula Rd. Skip Hendry is coordinating the project. Once the excavation and ditching is completed and chips added, the dust suppressant is applied to the entire road. The estimated completion date is July 7.

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